Last-Minute Moves

How To Manage A House Move At The Eleventh Hour

Last-minute moves are the result of arguments, dodgy landlords, life events or booking late. Whatever the reason, relocating on short notice is really stressful. To make the process easy and less tedious, explore the following moving tips.

Get What You Can Quickly

Cartons are a deal breaker. You can’t move without them. Since you want to stockpile supplies, head over to the retail park. Enter each shop and ask the attendant whether they have any extra packaging. At the end of the day, you’ll have all the boxes and bubble wrap you need. The same goes for supermarkets. Their stackable boxes are perfect for rushed removals. Each cardboard box should be sturdy and spacious.

Be Vigilant When Hiring Removal Firms

Being in a rush doesn’t mean you should be rash. House removals is an expert profession. You don’t want to hire an unreliable company to move your precious items. Time’s not on your side but you must research local removalists in Perth and make sure you’re not swayed by scams or dodgy tradies.

Reach Out To Family And Friends

If you can’t book a removalist in time, don’t hesitate to ask your friends, loved ones and close neighbours for help. A spare afternoon, a couple of cars and a few willing hands is all it takes to ease the moving process. Ask around on Twitter or Facebook – text anyone who’s available, and reward them if they assist. This isn’t limited to drivers, loaders and lifters. Some friends can clean-up the site, walk the dog or babysit your kiddo.

To survive a short notice move, stay calm, organise your time and get help. Things will be alright.

How To Sort And Pack Your Stuff

Time’s running out, so pack things quickly and effectively. Before packing, separate what’s worth moving and what’s not. This saves you time. Transporting useless stuff means more money out of your wallet. Go through your items one-by-one and stack them into four different piles:

  1. What you don’t need and will donate to charity or give to friends and relatives.
  2. Things you never use and will dispose of because nobody will buy them.
  3. Stuff to keep and pack later on for moving.
  4. Items you’ll try to sell to cover some of the removal expenses.

Make sure you pack everything well.

Other Packing Supplies

Besides bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, you need packing paper and packing tape. Avoid using newspapers because they leave ink stains on wrapped items. Tape that’s too strong can damage certain items.

What You Shouldn’t Pack

Prior to packing, get a list of forbidden items from your removalist. Prohibited items fall into four main categories:

  1. Perishable food
  2. Pets and plants
  3. Flammables, explosives or corrosives
  4. Items of great monetary or sentimental value

Rushed moves are stressful and challenging to organise and execute properly. Things get more chaotic as the time until moving day elapses quickly. Our tips will help you prepare for your last-minute move with great efficiency.