Buying a new home has always been fun and exciting. But finding the right home to suit your needs is only half the battle. The real hustle comes in when acquiring Adelaide Residential Home Loans to facilitate the home payment and make your dreams come true. So we have compiled some helpful tips to help you secure a home loan.

Start saving for a downpayment

Depending on the bank and type of loan you want, your down payment can range between 2.5 and 25 per cent of the home’s purchase price. Having a monthly budget can help when making this down payment. After determining the amount your budget can support, you should consider having automatic deposits from your bank account or paycheck to a savings account.

Get your financial documents in order

Applying for a mortgage requires you to have valid documents. Preparing and assembling all necessary documents in time accelerates the loan application process. In most cases, the minimum requirements are providing your last two payslips, your tax returns over the previous two years and your current brokerage or bank statement.

Utilise a mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculators help in gauging your ability to buy a home. They are easy to use and show you how much your monthly mortgage payment will be under different home prices, interest rates and down payments.

Learn how to compare offers

Not all mortgages are equal. Although home loans have the same interest rates, there are differences in transaction fees and repayment times that make a particular offer ideal compared to others. So you need to understand all the elements affecting the mortgage price to compare the offers at hand accurately.

Start tracking interest rates

Interest rates are a significant factor when determining the cost of your mortgage. Therefore, you need to monitor changes in rates frequently to secure good mortgage deals.

Get pre-qualified

Most real estate agents require you to qualify for a home loan before they can start working with you. Luckily, the mortgage qualification process is simple. You only need some financial details such as your monthly income, amount of savings and investments if any. Once approved, you can identify the amount you can borrow.

Understand the various loan options

Different people have different financial preferences. While some prefer the predictability of fixed loans, others may prefer the low initial payments of adjustable rate loans. So it is essential to know what you want and what suits your needs.

Respond to lenders promptly

After applying for a home loan, ensure you respond to requests made by your lender in time. Failure to do this can cause a delay in closing your loan, which could potentially affect the home buying process.

Avoid messing up your credit

The lender will often check your credit report for changes in your financial status before the loan closes. So avoid damaging your credit score during this period. This means you not only have to pay your bills on time but also avoid applying for new credit cards or bank loans before your mortgage is processed.